Dear me………. From me.

Hey everyone!

This is just an introduction for the next few blogs that I will be writing .

My successive blogs would mainly comprise of the various struggles with emotions and the inside-the-brain turmoils that every teenager faces and as the name suggests would be in the form of letters written to me by me.

These letters addressed to me, from me, mainly portray how people, mostly the growing children-the adolescents have to confront a wide array of their changing moods and emotions as they face the various daily struggles, in which sometimes they have a support to guide them through ,but most of the times have to face these alone.

I would try my best but I am not sure of how much I would be able to live up to my point without being much of a sesquipedian or getting too much philosophical.


I’ll try to make it a happy reading for you.

Have a great day!

Bye Bye!!


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