I know I am back after a long long time. Well that’s because of quite a few honest reasons. I was undergoing a terrible writers bloc, like my brain had literally gone on hibernation and had decided to not help me work on anything that required thinking and in fact the most complex thinking I did in the past two months is choosing between hazelnut coffee and caramel milk. Also I had my exams and then it was Christmas (which not exactly is a reason) and also because I get really really less time to rest, like I slept for about 3-4 hours every day for one month straight and I honestly needed to get some rest for my brain’s proper functioning.

I know that my letters to myself are pending but hopefully I would publish another soon.

As of now, the following article/ speech/paragraph {or whatever} is about one very important issue of the world these days- tech over text.

Now as far as my empathetical {wait. Is that a word? You get me anyways} capabilities go , you are on the verge of switching over to some other activity or website because hey, this is one of the most widely preached topics these days after environtment protection {because preaching and making posters on paper from trees is what will help prevent global warming. Come on now} and it is one of the most lethal weapons that your parents use to threaten you. But come on guys, show me some love and continue to read it.

I assure you that it’s not preachy; I mean I can’t preach okay.

Coming to the point, it’s more from an avid reader’s perspective. Also now since this is a blogging site I assume that most of you guys like to read{ well of course) and for those who don’t, you are missing out on something really fun mate. It is a call out to all people who think tech junk is far engrossing than a bound bundle of sheets ( go on admiring my alliteration),I mean seriously have you ever even smelled a new book?! Have you ever even felt the beauty of hot chocolate, sunny wintry mornings and a novel. I bet you haven’t because if you did then you would not have to depend on your gadgets to find happiness.

Moving on.

Remember how in last month’s survey a bunch of youngsters chose reading over social networking as a leisure activity? No? Yeah. Me neither. Like who reads in the 21 century?! Not the teenagers at least! I mean have you no idea of how tempting the concept of stalking someone on the internet or having virtual interactions on social media is?

This other day I needed to look for the synonym of “ridiculous” and my dictionary was a few centimeters away from me; I was about to turn its pages when, just as if on cue, my pencil fell, and when I bent to pick it up, there was my glorious computer standing alone, begging for some attention and I couldn’t help but reach out to it. My dear Google willingly took my helpless hand and took me from the dark twirls of this maze to the bright end of enlightenment and presented to me in the best possible and most wonderfully organized manner what I needed. And to think that I was actually going to go through about 800 pages of a fat blue book for this; how ludicrous was I !!!

 Okay I tried to be funny and I might have come off as needy to a few of you out there but hey, you got to give this little child a chance.

So moving on to what I do best- pulling at the strings of your emotions ;{ I am not conceited. Come on now} wasn’t it actually a happier time when your conversations were with real people. People you could touch or feel and who could read your emotions like books. I am sure that your organs had been way happier when you went out to play with your friends unlike now, when they are all busy preparing their own eulogy for they could not take the load of the excess calories you intook when the only person doing exercise around them was a virtual character moving as per your instructions in a hilly terrain shooting at black-masked armed men while the real Mayhem was happening inside of you. Your eyes miss the gentle warmth of small brown pages as they no longer remember their original appearance since most of the time nowadays they are either red or watery for the bright blue rays from your phone’s screen are not as gentle to them as their old forgotten friend. The last time you talked properly to you grandparents was years ago, when you hadn’t yet acquired your small radiation emitting box of happiness. You had received your happiness but parallel-y your grandparents had lost their own box of happiness and facing no other option had turned towards their very primitive television set which for you is the most ridiculous thing ever because come-on, it’s not LED?! Even our brains had been happier for they were frequently fed with pieces of intellect, anecdotes, facts and some issues which compelled them to work; hence making them sharper with every passing day.

If we just take a moment to look at what is around us it would probably take us seconds to realize that this heritage of literature surrounding us is priceless.  These tales of bravery, courage, horror, love, honesty and fantasy provide to us something which all gadgets fail to give, the pleasure, the peace and the happiness of getting transported to a whole new world with every succeeding word. Every moment we spare for browsing a dictionary we are sure of accidentally coming across at least one new word which might just make us standout in the following day’s casual conversation.  But the shortcut we choose doesn’t do us much profit. We all have heard of the phrase- to kill with kindness. Well that is exactly what the internet does to us.

However I am also sure that most of us have even heard the idiom- better late than never. Well that’s exactly what I want to make you understand right now. I don’t essentially hope to absolutely move you or sweep you of your feet or completely motivated you to fall in love with books but I hope that I am at least able to persuade a few of you to take up at least one book in a month so that by the time our next generation runs the world there would still be at least a few traces of this wonderful habbit in them.

Because you know what, let’s just face it, no matter how many times you kill this obligation of yours to find a new perspective of life in this bundle of sheets you must always remember that this is a feisty Greek monster and it is going to resurrect in the Tartarus and come back to you from time to time.( A bit of Greek mythology technical knowledge eh? )



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  1. Holy shit, you may post infrequently but you sure as hell don’t let down on the quality of your posts. The paragraph about our grandparents were ridiculously (you know the word you searched for) realistic.

    Seriously, you’re good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. minerva07 says:

      Eeeee Thanks (Well Ik I should act really mature and do something more sophisticated than a coy screech but eeeeee I am weird {there you go again [oh a bracket within a bracket and Idek know why I am doing this, Sorry]}). But seriously THANKS!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Brackets (I love brackets[I also like prawns{infact I like a lot of seafood}])within brackets(Do you know that brackets within brackets are actually grammatically correct[bet you didn’t { authors don’t use it because text gets difficult to read}]) are my thing

        Liked by 1 person

  2. minerva07 says:

    Honestly I really like people whole like food and brackets. (ha{ha[this is so unnecessary]whatever}).
    Also they should Legit use brackets(don’t ask why)


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