New year. New me?

Hello everyone!!!

Its my last post before my exams and I will resume writing only in March or maybe April, because I gotta study because of class 10th board exams and shizz.. (It looks cringy in writing but trust me “shizz” does sound better when spoken and no, I wont replace it with any other word).

I gotta work on a lot of posts which I have left halfway but again Board exams and shizz { Hah. You thought I was done being cringy?}

So let’s do this.I say it like it is a really difficult thing to do, but its not. Its quite easy but I like to appear important.

So for what the tag is all about.

This tag has been created by  David and its all about how 2016 went and what all hopes you have for 2017. Provided I don’t have much readers I guess this will really help me in getting some. Well, thanks Rayan for the nomination. And, if I haven’t already told you ( Well I obviously haven’t) then  I am telling you now to check  his blog out immédiatement (I switch to French when excited ok?!)

I would stop now and go ahead with the post.

Mention the creator of the tag.

Use the image in the article.

Mention the blogger who has chosen you.

Answer the questions.

Nominate 9 other bloggers/friends and let them know.

Question 1-  Describe 2016 in 3 words.

There are so many words but to sum up- What.The.Hell.

All through the year i had no idea what was going on. Every time I thought- “Oh I think my life’s finally sorted” some random shit happened out of nowhere like- ” Haha bitch. You wish.”

Question 2- Name two people who’ve characterized your 2016?

Ans. No one characterized my 2016 as such but a few people did make it bearable.

These include a lot of my friends in school. Like they are crucial because without them I would have never been able to survive organic chemistry, trigonometry and a lot of other things. Also I made quite a few new friends and I am so proud of it.

This list of people also includes my parents for never letting me feel the need of a sibling or even feel lonely even at such a prime teen age ( DUH. I am 15 )

I will not acknowledge any of my teachers except my English teacher ( Well teachers. A lot of English teachers in my school are nice) because no one else did any good to this already shitty year of mine. But wait even making it shitty could be characterization , but I still wont acknowledge( Because yes I am a bit scared of being busted. Actually not a bit. Make it very.).

Question 3-  Write the most beautiful place you’ve visited in 2016 and tell me why you liked it so much?

I did not travel much this year .Infact I do not travel much any year, primarily because I don’t like travelling.

But even then I visited my home town and a very popular spot of pilgrimage in my country in the hill stations.

Maybe the natural beauty was better in the hill station but I had to walk for literally  14 km on a mountain slope and it was really cold and I had to miss two days of school ( I love going to school) so obviously I did not really like that place.

However, for my hometown, It isn’t much of a scenic beauty but the food is really good. Also its super comfortable and I got to meet all of my old friends. Also I watched about 54 movies in 28 days (Hah). So definitely it was better and well.. more “beautiful”.

Question 4- Write the most delicious food you’ve tasted in 2016.

Thai curry all the way.

Questions 5 – Write an event which has marked more of your 2016.

I would recount this year as the year I went to a Comic Con for the first time. Apart from that I think that it would be my birthday. I would always remember this year’s birthday for it was the best I ever had. Don’t ask why. I just did.

Rest all was shit.

Question 6- What’s the finest purchase you’ve made in 2016?

I made a lot of purchases this year so I don’t remember. ( No I am not showing off. I am just trying to needily hide the number of useless purchases I made in 2016)

Question 7- Write 3  good intentions for 2017

1) Do an internship or maybe even work at a  cafe. Basically have a part time job that is paid. It is so cool come on.

2) Buy a domain name.

3) Make an Youtube channel.

Question-8 Write one place you wanna visit in 2017.

I badly want to go for the school excursion no matter where they take us because I have never been out on a 5-day trip with my friends before and I really want to.

Question-9 Name one plate/food you want to eat in 2017.

I love all sorts of food and I don’t plan on eating anything in particular. But, how about butter bear?( That is fictional and all and I know that but still….)


There are few people I know who blog, so for now I would nominate Akshi, Manvika and Teresa.

Thats it.

Au Revoir.


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