My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult

Have you ever wanted to sue your parents?

I guess yeah. Every time they have scolded you, disallowed you an outing, or done something to invade your so called privacy, you have so badly wanted to sue them (maybe, see I don’t know what goes on in your head, Just assuming that you wanted to JUST sue them)

That’s normal at a stage when your hormones are massively break-dancing in your body.

At least you have sole rights over your hormones and body parts and no one else uses them without your permission.

Why I suddenly say something so unthinkable, you ask. Well it’s not so unthinkable you see, now that I have finally read “My sister’s keeper”

This book is certainly the best I ever read in the 15 years of my life. (although I guess I started reading at about 8 years so I would call it the best I have read in the 7 years of my life in which I have been reading) {This is tricky. Duh.}

But it sure is a book which would change a lot of your perspectives.

The novel is about a middle class family with parents and two children- A boy and a girl, the girl diagnosed with several medical ailments from an early age whose beginning was marked by leukemia which later grows on so much like a fungus that it becomes impossible for her parents or even her brother or anyone else to provide the right quality of bone marrow or blood for her survival. Hence, her parents decide to add a new member to their small family but not to add a child as a family member, but as a backup plan for their other daughter.

This new member is called Anna. Anna is a genetically designed, conceived, and born-to-be perfect genetic match for her sister Kate who needs blood because of her rare childhood leukemia

Might sound really inconsiderate of why parents would want to use the body parts of one child and sabotage her life to do nothing more but delay the inevitable end of the other and you might be already judging a lot of fictional characters from this book. Well that is precisely why you need to read this novel.

An small idea (well..Let’s call it an idea) which starts off with just the donation of bone marrow for rare occasions reaches to an extent where a child about to hit her prime teenage years is asked to sacrifice her kidney for her sister lest she should lose a sibling. And the people persuading her to take such a big step are no one else but her parents and well, which child refuses the people who brought her into this world?

However, our Anna is no ordinary child. So, this urges her to sue her parents to give her the sole rights over her own body and to allow her to have consent about the usage and operation of her own body; for at an age when most of us are busy recording our emotional turmoil in a journal or spending time in the grounds, no child would like to spend her days in a white building surrounded by people on stretchers struggling for their lives, or have needles piercing her whole body when it’s not even her own ailment that she is suffering for. I personally don’t think any of us will be too happy  to give up our kidney, or any body part for that record, for a sibling no matter how much we love them and give up a large part of what we could have had in our future (Again I don’t know very well because I have no sibling okay). The plot gets interesting when Anna’s mom, a former lawyer decides to take up the fight against the lawsuit that Anna filed due to which Anna is compelled to share house with the opposition lawyer a.k.a her mother which further leads to the unfolding of another series of events.

My Sister's Keeper:

It is a book which can lead to the formation of various schools of thought when undergoing the process of turning its pages. However, once read completely, all these schools reunite into one large headquarter with the same line of thought.

The book is written from the perspective of every significant character except Kate till… well you can read it. You’d hate me if I told you this. There is no particular time period in which it is written, it keeps shifting from some incidents in the past to some incidents in the present.

The style of writing is absolutely beautiful, so much so that it would appeal to the heart of even a non-reader. It’s written in a noticeably unbiased form with no character getting any undue momentum.

There are various sub-plots going on simultaneously in the story which are both from the past as well as in the present which make it the ultimate potpourri of all emotions- love, hatred, trust, doubt, guilt, anxiety to name a few.

If a drastic plot twist and a heart touching tragedy is what you look for in a book then leave no scope to lay hands on it in the nearest library or bookstore.

If some of you have seen the movie then just a fact that the book is not even close to it and I was irrevocably hurt when I saw what they had made of it in the movie. Well this:

A few horrible ones a "The horse whisperer" and "My sisters keeper". Should be illegal to change endings that much!:

Well it wasn’t exactly horrible, I mean how can something be bad with Cameron Diaz and Alec Baldwin in it, but what they had done with the plot was well…..bad. You’d expect me to use a mature adjective but well I guess “bad” is just it.

If reality appeals to you more than fantasies then it is a book you MUST read before you die.

Finally I would end by quoting Shakespeare’s lines in Mark Antony’s dialogue in Julius Caesar-

If you have tears, prepare to shed them now.”



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  1. This really is a nice book. It raises questions on if we (teenagers) have rights on our own body or not.

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