Hey there!

Just so you know, I thought that firstly I’d justify my title – A hollow paper.

First of all, while creating this blog I had no particular idea of what it should be about, and I had a number of thoughts in my brain and this name-” a hollow paper”‘ an empty hollow paper, just like an unfilled container which I would fill; maybe flood with my ideas ..which I try hard to organise into understandable sentences without  being much of a sesquipedalian or getting too emotional.’,made sense.

This is my blog (needless to say) where I write about almost anything and everything that I feel is worth being written. However, Honestly most of these thoughts of mine are the few lucky escapades from my brain and I call them  lucky because these thoughts come mainly into my head when I am about to sleep or about to do something important (but am clearly not doing it) and most of which I forget but a few fortunate ones that I don’t and these fortunate ones comprise my blog.

Otherwise, I am just a fifteen year old Indian whose hobbies mainly include daydreaming with an open book ( mostly maths) , reading and obviously,  you get no prizes to guess- BLOGGING!  (more like writing).

I am really loud in person and can strike a conversation with almost anyone about almost anything ranging from the importance of “poop emojis” to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty to how Megan Fox should give up acting or how Thai curry is undoubtedly GOD’S choicest creation. Also, if you haven’t already figured out, I happen to have a good sense of humor.

Now, since you had patience to read four whole paragraphs of me ranting endlessly, I would absolutely love if you would actually go and check out my write ups.

Thank you!

Have a great dayy!!!